Icon for Internet Explorer in Windows XP. my art
mel's personal holo, jay !!! love her to bits :']<br>[clip studio paint] mel's black cat :000 i need to redo her even though i just made it TT i can make it look better !!<br>[clip studio paint] just a stream of consciousness.<br>[<a href='https://jspaint.app'>mspaint</a>] laios and falin oh em gee.<br>[staedtler marsmicro mechanical pencil] my spideroc melanie !! i've redesigned him so many times ahhh<br>[clip studio paint] mel without his helmet ! lore will go in the ocs page once i find some time.<br>[clip studio paint] my friend's spider-sona, ruckus (enhanced)! i wanted to try some pixel character animation :D<br>[aesprite] concept for 2099's cityscape. the comics from 1992 kept changing the look of miguel's apartment every issue which frustrated me when looking for references...<br>[clip studio paint] miguel looking around like a silly goober. if you know what panel this is based on, i (platonically) love you.<br>[blender] miguel looking at YOU specifically. he knows what you are.<br>[clip studio paint, blender] thumbnail for the 'thumbtap' video clip. it shows a paper puppet smiling at the viewer as it lies on a cutting mat next to a pair of scissors. miguel and my spideroc melanie based on malcolm t. liepke's 'embrace'. i care them so bad !!! i hate them ... just kidding. *squeezes them both in my hands like dog toys before chewing on them*<br>[clip studio paint]
i had a MK1 johnny cage phase. he's very silly.<br>[staedtler marsmicro mechanical pencil] NOSE !!!!! :]<br>[staedtler marsmicro mechanical pencil] for miguel's (fanon) birthday. give him roses or so help me !!!<br>[clip studio paint] fem miguel and masc lyla, WE ARE SO BACK.<br>[clip studio paint] drawing exercise where i challenged myself to draw only using the lasso tool, it's miguel again !!<br>[clip studio paint] mii-guel. i'm grabbing him by the head, shaking him around, and making him run in the mii parade INDEFINITELY.<br>[clip studio paint] Digital artwork of five colorful figures dancing. The entire piece, made as a tribute to Keith Haring, is drawn in his style. for miku's 16th birthday TT<br>[clip studio paint] miguel if he was kagamine rin in the song 'meltdown' 's official PV. i think the song fits him idk !!<br>[clip studio paint] accompanying concept doodles for the other 'meltdown' in miguel related artwork.<br>[clip studio paint] miguel o'hara as in jotaro kujo's part 3 outfit 'cause i thought it would be funny.<br>[clip studio paint] niku30's gabriel o'hara !! i loved their design for him so much and had to draw it.<br>[clip studio paint] concepts for a hypothetical late 90's/early 2000's show for miguel o'hara.<br>earth-1996 is his official earth, i also made <a href='https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0JufOVO3NwBCB4LHzvBC6o?si=39a6d41e810942f0'>a little what-if soundtrack</a> for his show.<br>[clip studio paint] extended concepts for the imaginary miguel show ft. tiny lyla.<br>[clip studio paint]
miku doodle i did during class.<br>[sakura micron pen] did this for an assignment. i love shape !!!<br>[posca marker]